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2010 Quartet East Coast Tour: Show #4 (Washington D.C.)

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from this show yet. Randy wasn’t able to make it so we weren’t able to have pictures taken on his camera. We drove all day to DC from Queens, NY and barely made it in time to the venue to walk on stage and play.  Since Randy couldn’t make it we decided not to play any compositions and just do a full set of improvisations. This was a challenge as this is the only venue we’ve played on this tour that isn’t well suited to “close-listening.” The Bossa is basically a bar/restaurant in Georgetown that mostly features Samba dance bands.

Aram Shelton’s Quartet played a nice set after us. Aram is a great saxophone player also from the Bay Area. It was nice to see him even though we didn’t get much of a chance to chat afterwards.

Thanks a lot to Ed Ricart for setting up the show for us!

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