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2010 Quartet East Coast Tour: Recap

Please enjoy two exceptional recorded tracks (courtesy of Randy) from the tour:

32c (counterpoint study) – live in Brooklyn

Music For Four Voices – live in Philadelphia

The first piece is by me, and the second is by Joe Moffett. We played both of these pieces throughout the tour and these performances were (in my opinion) the best.

L to R: Amanda, Jesse, Jacob, Theo, Joe, Randy

The above picture taken outside of the Douglass Street Music Collective captures the extended tour family including Jesse’s girlfriend Amanda Dean who traveled with us the entire time, and took almost all of the pictures I’ve used in previous posts. Also included is our good friend Theo Padouvas, who hosted us at his home in Queens while we stayed in NY. Thanks for listening!

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2010 Quartet East Coast Tour: Show #6 (Brooklyn)

The final show of the tour was at the Douglass Street Music Collective in Brooklyn last Friday. Our friend trombonist Matt Plummer is a member of the collective and set up the show for us. As I expected from the many reviews I’ve heard, the space is very nice and is suitable for a wide range of performances.

The music went very well, and I thought we gave our best performances of a couple of my pieces. This last part of the tour was musically a big highlight since it’s very rare that I get the chance to give multiple consecutive performances of the same music with the same group. This to me is the real reward of setting up a tour like this. After the performance I was still left with the desire to continue developing the music. Would love to do another longer tour with this group, perhaps in the Fall of 2011 depending on life circumstances.

Thanks so much for reading.  I hope to make a recap post of the tour with some recordings and possibly videos that were shot by Theo Padouvas at our Downtown Music Gallery performance.

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2010 Quartet East Coast Tour: Show #5 (Philadelphia)

Played in Philly last night. It was my first time in Philly and I was pretty pumped about the city. I got to hang with my cousin who is going to medical school in the city.

The space was a gallery near south street. A group called the Scriptors opened for us. They were really great, the tenor player Bryan Rodgers had a really great sound.

After we played Dan Blacksberg, Bonnie Lander, and Nick Millevoi gave a nice improvised trio performance.  It was nice to see and hear Dan who was a fellow student at the New England Conservatory.

I can’t wait to go back to Philly!!

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2010 Quartet East Coast Tour: Show #4 (Washington D.C.)

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from this show yet. Randy wasn’t able to make it so we weren’t able to have pictures taken on his camera. We drove all day to DC from Queens, NY and barely made it in time to the venue to walk on stage and play.  Since Randy couldn’t make it we decided not to play any compositions and just do a full set of improvisations. This was a challenge as this is the only venue we’ve played on this tour that isn’t well suited to “close-listening.” The Bossa is basically a bar/restaurant in Georgetown that mostly features Samba dance bands.

Aram Shelton’s Quartet played a nice set after us. Aram is a great saxophone player also from the Bay Area. It was nice to see him even though we didn’t get much of a chance to chat afterwards.

Thanks a lot to Ed Ricart for setting up the show for us!

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2010 Quartet East Coast Tour: Show #3 (Manhattan)

Sorry for the delay….had a really busy week and it took me a while to get these pictures.  Last Sunday we played a free concert at the Downtown Music Gallery, a very well known record store in Manhattan.  This was my first time coming to their new location on Monroe Street in Chinatown.

We had a nice little crowd (it’s a very small space) consisting of DMG regulars and old friends. Enjoyed some delicious dim sum after the show with my old teacher Anthony Coleman.

Thanks a lot to DMG’s Bruce Lee Gallanter for allowing us to play there.  Hope to do it again in the future!

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2010 Quartet East Coast Tour: Show #2 (Hartford)

Yesterday was a big day!  We drove out to Guilford, CT to do a recording session at guitarist Joe Morris’s house. We all studied with Joe at the New England Conservatory and it was really great to reconnect with him again. One of the highlights was that we did some improvised pieces using graphic scores that were composed by Lowell Skinner Davidson.

After the session Joe treated us to an amazing Italian dinner. I’m looking forward to hearing the recording and seeing if we can get someone interested in releasing it.

We headed out to Hartford after dinner to play a gig at the Charter Oak Cultural Center along with the Hartford Sound Alliance. It was our first gig as a quartet and I was really pleased with how we played. I thought the session earlier that day really helped to focus us. We played in a gallery space and it was packed with people! Very exciting to play with such a big and enthusiastic audience. Can’t wait to play in Hartford again.

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2010 Quartet East Coast Tour: Show #1 (Boston)

Kicked off the tour with a very nice show at the Outpost in Cambridge.  Had a really good crowd and it was great to see some teachers and mentors that I haven’t seen since I left Boston two years ago. Local trombonist Tom Plsek played a nice opening improv set with his “3bone” group.

Randy, Jacob, Jesse

We did this gig just as a trio as Joe Moffett wasn’t able to make it. Looking forward to getting together with him tomorrow to rehearse and prepare for our recording session with Joe Morris and the next gig in Hartford. Randy is recording all of our gigs so I hope to post a track or two eventually. Stay tuned!!

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