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Masters Thesis Project

Last May I completed my Masters Degree in Composition from Mills College in Oakland. Since I received several requests from people to share my thesis project I have attached it below. Because a large portion of my studies at Mills were consumed by developing my very first solo pieces, I chose to center my thesis project around a through-composed study I wrote for solo alto saxophone entitled “Lawson Solo.” The title of my thesis paper is “Preliminary Issues of Time and Timing in the Context of the Lawson Solo Saxophone Project.”

From the introduction: “The focus of this thesis will be on the preliminary development of a concept of timing and time within the context of the Lawson Solo Project: a sonic vocabulary for solo saxophone that is intended to utilize melodic contour as a means to effectively convey the perception or feeling of imagined abstract visual structures and space.

Jacob Zimmerman Masters Thesis (final complete version)

I uploaded three different recordings of live performances of “Lawson Solo” here: Lawson Solo Performance Recordings

I would like to give special thanks to James Fei, Roscoe Mitchell, Fred Frith, Gust Burns, and John Butcher for their help and support with this project.

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