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Lawson Trail Loops String Quartet (excerpts)

In February I had the opportunity to participate in a reading/recording session at Mills College with the Eclipse String Quartet. This was my first time composing for string quartet and felt that my piece turned out really well. The Eclipse not only rehearsed the piece in advance, but also conducted an open rehearsal in Roscoe Mitchell’s Composition Seminar, and then recorded it the next day.

Please take a listen here.

Here’s the score: Lawson Trail Loops String Quartet

This recording is comprised of sections 1, 7, and 11-14 of what will eventually be a much larger piece. The piece is intended to outline a slow, gradual progression through the following musical aspects:

large registral space –> small registral space

vibrato –> no vibrato

rhythmic complexity –> drone

highly varied dynamics –> static dynamics

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